Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Glass Wing Spoiler

Made of Flexible PU
Double sided tape sufficient.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tomato Hyundai Mobis Spoiler

- Comes with 3rd brake light.
- spoiler secured by clips at side.
- only need to drill 1 hole for wiring.
- very good finishing.
- Price : RM400 incl of Paint & Installation.

Friday, August 19, 2011

ViVidVerkz Type M Diffuser

Twin (Left & Right) or Single(only Right) outlet diffuser is available.
Fits nicely onto stock car even without bodykit.
Stock muffler tip needs to be modified from single to double for enhanced look.
Call/Email for best pricing. No sms.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ViVidVerkz Euphoria Bodykit

Unique & one of it's kind design. Not available elsewhere.
Material - ABS (Japan).
Rear Twin Exhaust Diffuser piece is optional.
Trunk Spoiler is optional.
Call/Email for best pricing. No sms would be entertained.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Type N/Sewon Korea Bodykit

Call/Email for best pricing. No sms would be entertained.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mugen Style Rear Spoiler

Call/Email for best pricing. No sms would be entertained.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Forte Koup Raised Spoiler

Replica of Sequence Raised Spoiler Korea.
Call/email for best pricing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vivid Verkz - VD1 - Boot/Trunk Spoiler

Unique design gives impression/illusion of 'raised' spoiler.
Design allows 2 tone color option.
Double Sided tape is sufficient, no drilling required.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Location & Contact

# Item are available at selected locations in Petaling Jaya.
# You may also email your enquiries to ensure stock availability.
# Poslaju services can be organised for some deliveries. Cost varies according to weight or box size.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Touch Up Pen

Just the right tool from light to medium scratches.
Color tones available are as below.
This pen is made & imported from Korea.  
Availability : Ebony Black (EB) - Yes!
                : Spicy Red (IY) - Yes!
                : Bright Silver (3D) - Yes!
                : Titanium Silver (IM) - Yes!
                : Clear White (UD) - Yes!
                : Metal Bronze (DO) - Yes!

Friday, November 12, 2010

B & C Pillar Moldings

2 types are available : -

In Black Gloss
Only applicable to B & C Pillar.
Made of Polycarbonate material.
Price : RM 165.00/set of B+C


In Chrome
Available B Pillar only  
Can complement window sill in chrome.
Price : RM55.00/set

Leather Key Holders

Orignal from Korea & designed specifically to fit our key remote. Perfect to keep remote in good shape & prevent destruction in case accidental drops.

RM : RM55.00

Chrome/Carbon Fibre Laminated Air Vents

Simple stick on over existing air vent. Precision molding ensure perfect fitment.
Carbon Fibre Laminate design has options in black, white & red or you may choose chrome.
Price : ChromeRM75.00/Set. PROMO PRICE: 70.00 CASH & CARRY.
Carbon Fibre : RM165.00/Set. PROMO PRICE: RM150.00 CASH & CARRY

Window Sill Molding - Chrome

Perfect for chrome lovers.
Can perform as protection for your rubber from extreme weather elements.
No sharp edges.
Price : RM130.00/set.

Monday, November 8, 2010

2-Way Side Mirror Cover Signal LED

This is a direct part exchange. 
White light turns on in normal circumstances & turns to yellow/amber when turn signal indicator applied.
A separate switch may be installed to control white light on/off period.
Fits only 4 speed Forte.
Price : RM160.00/pair

Ashtray cum Coin Cup

This item is handy as either an Ash Tray or Coin Cup. 
Perfect fit onto drink holder hole.
Original Hyundai Mobis Accessory. Imported from Korea.
Price : 55.00 Cash & Carry

Door Pockets

Original Hyundai Mobis product.
Perfect Fit & a very practical accessory.
No screws required & a simple drop-in item secured with double-sided tape.
Price : RM120.00/set of 4pcs.
Stock Clearance Price : RM99.00/set of 4 pcs!

Wheel Caps

Original Hyundai Mobis Item & fully Imported from Korea
Comes in Silver & rarely seen- Black.
Price : RM95.00/Set

After market accesory from Korea.
Made of Aluminium with soft epoxy finishing.
Unlike the above, this item is a stick-on(hence comes with double sided tape) & needs to be used in conjunction of current wheel cap.
Comes in Black & Limited Edition Red. Can match front & rear K Logo emblem.
Price : RM90.00/Set - Black
        : RM115.00/Set - Red

"R" & "Tiger"
This is made of CNC ALuminium Cut Metal.
Similar style & application like K Logo, double sided tape behind to secure onto existing wheel cap.
Price : RM170.00/set


Original & Made in Korea.
Front emblem dimension (+/-12.8cm(W) X +/-6.5cm).
Back emblem dimension (+/-11.4cm(W) X +/-5.7cm).
Comes with double sided tape on reverse with studded mounting. 
Price : RM95.00/pair.

Made in Korea. Aftermarket accessory.
Size & dimension same as above for front & rear emblem.
Comes in choices of Black, Red or White.
Has 3M double sided tape on reverse. Has matching steering emblem. Scroll to below.

Price : RM100.00/pair

Meant for new Optima aka K5.
This plastic set comes in a set of Front & rear & steering Emblem cover also.
Price : RM230.00/set

Available colors :-
1) Chrome lettering with black finishing.
2) Chrome lettering with silver finishing.
3) Black lettering with silver finish.

Another option is this CNC cut Aluminum K5 emblem. 
Comes in a set of Front & Rear & Steering Emblem.
Price : RM230.00  

Roadruns Emblem
Recognised for their bodykits, Front & Rear emblems available also.
Made of CNC Aluminium cut. Silver leterring with black blackground.
Price : RM185.00/pair(below)

Roadruns Street Racing R Grill Emblem

Roadruns R Grill Emblem

Made of aluminium with K Logo etching.
Comes in color of Black & Silver only
Can be put on top of current "KIA" steering emblem or by removing existing "KIA"..
Price : RM45.00/pc

Made of aluminium with K Logo etching. Only in Black. Can be placed on top of existing "KIA" steering cap or have that removed & swopped completely.
Price : RM45.00/pc

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roadruns Grill

A simple DIY mod that can change your car's outlook.
2 designs are available : -
Call/Email for best pricing. No sms.

RK1 (above)
RS 2 (below)